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Dark Lantern Perfumery

Coconut & Sandalwood • Perfume Oil

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This perfume oil roller ball is made with jojoba oil as its base, which contains Vitamin E and B-complex which help to repair dry, damaged skin and cuticles. Apply in the places you would normally apply perfume, as well on the cuticles.

Top notes: Sandalwood, Coconut
Middle notes: Amyris, Freesia, Tonka Bean.
Bottom notes: Bamboo, Coconut Milk

Sandalwood essential oil is known in to bring a calm energy to its wearer, its aromatherapy benefits include anti-anxiety, anti-restlessness, and anti-insomnia. More info about the aromatherapy benefits come with the product.

Ingredients: Jojoba oil, fragrance oil, sandalwood essential oil, sandalwood herb.

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